Business Payments – Synchronize Transactions between Stripe, PayPal, Square and QuickBooks Online


Automatically sync your Square, PayPal and Stripe transactions with QuickBooks Online, while creating Sales Receipts, Expenses, Refunds and more using Business Payments.

New App for auto-synchronizing payments between PayPal and QuickBooks Online is now available on QuickBooks App Store.

provides an easy and time efficient way to automatically send your PayPal (Expense, Express Checkout, Invoice Payment, Money Transfer, Payment, Recurring Payment, Refund from Vendor, Refund to Customer, Shopping Cart Payments, Virtual Terminal) and Stripe (Order Payment, Payment, Refund, Subscription Payment, Invoice Payment and Payouts) transactions to QuickBooks Online, and Square.


Business Payments: Key Benefits

  • Say NO to manual entering: Secured sync of your ongoing or previous transactions received in your Stripe, PayPal or Square account with the ability to customize default settings. Configure the account in several easy steps and get your accounts synced. Automatically.


  • Peace of mind: use the flawless rollback feature to undo any sync without causing any damage to your QuickBooks data.


  • Need Tracking? No problem! Control the process, trace the synchronization history and keep yourself updated upon the recently synced transactions in details. It means that none of your transactions will be missed and your books will never be messed up.


No more manual data entry and the reconciliation process is simplified to the core.


Do you have any questions? We would love to hear from you. Use the chat window or send an email to the address specified in the footer of this page.


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