How To Sync Your Transactions with Business Payments


How To Sync Your Transactions with


  1. Manual sync
  • Sync all
  • Sync selected
      3. Rollback syncs
You can import and sync your transactions during the initialization.
Besides that, there are 2 ways of syncing transactions with your QuickBooks account.

Manual sync

  • Import old transactions (the time range of how far back you can go is unlimited).
  • Find them under Transactions to sync.
  • Click on sync all or sync selected transactions (our filter is available to filter out the ones you need to sync)
 Open the filter section by clicking on Show filter

Sync all or Sync selected

Now that your transactions have been imported, you can choose between the two synchronization options.
Sync all (as pictured below) will synchronize everything that has been imported from your payment system with your QuickBooks online company.
If the number of transactions that you have under Received transactions is higher than your current app balance, you will be notified by a pop-up window in the app.
Sync selected option will allow you to manually check the transactions you would like to sync at this moment.
We advise to use this option when you are beginning to sync with Business Payments to make sure that everything looks exactly as you would like it to look like in QuickBooks Online.
Please note that you can always rollback any transaction without causing any damage to your QuickBooks company and completely taking away the synced data, but it will not reinstate the amount of transactions left to sync.
Another tip from us – you can freely go to the next page after having the boxes checked on the first page. The boxes will be kept checked.
(the result in your QuickBooks after synchronizing the transaction using Business Payments)


Enable auto-sync in your General settings
If enabled, transactions coming in after you have enabled the auto-sync configuration will be reflecting in your QuickBooks automatically without you having to confirm anything.
Please note that transactions that have been manually imported into the app will not be auto-synced.

Rollback Function

If you need to undo the syncing, you can easily and quickly rollback any transaction. Rollback will completely take the transaction away from your QuickBooks, not causing any damage to your QuickBooks data.
To rollback several transactions, use the checkbox under Syncs History as pictured
Alternatively, rollback all by opening Syncs History and clicking on Rollback all sync.
Do you have any questions? We would love to hear from you. Contact us via our in-app chat to start a conversation or send an email to the address specified in the footer of this page.

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