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Match products with Business Payments

Our app is able to get the name of a product used in the transaction from the payment system and will assign that transaction to the existing product in QuickBooks in case there is an identical product name match. If there is no matching product found, the app will create one and assign the transaction to it.

Assigning transactions to existing QuickBooks Online products and services

In case the product name in QuickBooks and in the payment system match, our app will successfully assign the transaction to the existing product and its QuickBooks category.

The app will be able to find category needed and assign the product to it (1). Also the transaction amount will go to the income account of the product (2).


(1) Category was assigned


(2) Transaction will go to this income account associated with a product, it is available in Edit product menu.

Auto-creating of products

Our app is capable of seamlessly creating products/services in your QuickBooks. In case the Product Name from the transaction was not found in QuickBooks, our app will create one according to the Product/Service Type* (1) and Product Income Account (2) you set in the Synder settings.

In case the product name is missing in the transaction, the app will insert Default Product (3) name.


* Note: the app will be able to create automatically only products with the Non-Inventory or Service types, as for Inventory products required information (Quantity on Hand and such) must be specified, but it isn’t included into a synced transaction. You will be able to change the type to Inventory on QuickBooks after the sync.

Applying a generic product name to all transactions

You can set each transaction to have the same Product Name regardless of what you have in the payment system. In order to do so, enable Generic Product setting (1) and specify the name you would like to be used in the Generic Product Name field (2).


Parsing product information from Charge description (Stripe Only)

If you use a Charge transaction type in Stripe and specify the name of a product in the description field, enable the setting for getting the product name from description.


Note: the app will be able to create only one product from the description field, you can specify either product name or sku, however make sure it matches the name or sku in QuickBooks.

If you have any other questions, please use the contacts specified in the footer of the page or, alternatively, initiate our in-app support chat. We will be more than happy to help!

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