How to Connect Stripe with QuickBooks Online

connect stripe with quickbooks online

How to Connect Stripe with QuickBooks Online

  The best option to integrate your Stripe with QuickBooks Online is a third party accounting integration that is capable of one-click imports of Stripe data. It is the easiest way to import data from Stripe into QuickBooks Online, as it synchronizes your Stripe customers, vendors, charges, fees, taxes, etc. with QuickBooks Online.

Syncing Stripe with QuickBooks Online

  Once you connect your QuickBooks company with Stripe via the Synder, the app starts receiving information about your historic and ongoing payments.

1. Sync your historic Stripe transactions.

  After you connect your Stripe and QuickBooks Online via the app, you will see all your historic data inside the app to subsequently import it into your QuickBooks Online. The app has a duplicated tracker function that saves your books from any double entries. Thus, you can always import all your data without worries.

Note: the app is able to pull in all you Stripe transaction, as there is no time limit.

2. Sync your ongoing Stripe transactions.

  You can choose between auto-sync and manual sync modes: either the app will automatically sync your ongoing transactions on the background or you will be able to manually decide what data should be imported into your QuickBooks Company. You can always easily check all the transactions and their status inside the app and ensure your books are accurate and up-to-date.

To connect the app follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your QuickBooks Online account.
  2. From the left menu, select Apps.
  3. Look for Synder.
  4. Select Get app now.

Or you can do it directly from the Synder website:

  1. Go to Synder website.
  2. Click login in the upper right corner.
  3. Click blue button “Sign in with Intuit Button”.

  After you connect the app, you can manage the app settings to start synchronizing your Stripe transactions.

Advantages of using Stripe and QuickBooks Online Integration

  1. Total control over your books and your time. Your Stripe data is automatically updated in your QuickBooks Online, giving you a clear up-to-date picture, and hence keeps your business error-free and saves your hours on manual data entering.
  2. The ability to track sync status at any time and rollback any action with one click. Roll Back function secures your actions and allows to undo any sync without harm to your data.
  3. Perfect synchronization. The app contains many smart functions such as Invoice function to automatically apply Online Payments to Invoices; Tax management function to set custom preferences to manage your taxes; Multi-Currency function to manage all of your currencies in operation; Auto-Create function to automatically create Customers/Vendors/Products based on the transaction data. See all the features of Synder.
  4. Quick Reconciliation. After the app has imported your Stripe transactions, you can reconcile it with just one click in your QuickBooks Company.


  The issue with most integrations for Stripe and QuickBooks Online is that much of your information must still be manually entered into your QuickBooks company, as well as you are not able to analyze the transactions before import. However, Synder synchronizes your data in details, as well as gives you total control over the actions happening with Stripe data in your QuickBooks Online. Thus, you always keep your book up to date by matching all Stripe transactions with QuickBooks Online thoroughly and accurately.


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