Synder: How to Connect your Stripe to Xero

connect stripe with xero

How to connect your Stripe Account with Xero

The major news of the autumn for our Synder app is the ability to support Xero in addition to QuickBooks Online! We have already developed Stripe to Xero integration, so your Stripe online payments can be automatically synchronized to Xero while you spend put time on things that matter.

Step 1: Stripe Connection

Whether you are setting up your account for the first time (photos #1, #2, #3) or adding another form of payment (start from the photo #4, then you will be redirected to #3) you can connect your Stripe account.

photo #1

Picture 1

photo #2

Picture 33

photo #3

Picture 3

photo  №4

Picture 4

Step 2: Authorization

After pressing on Connect button you will be redirected to the Stripe homepage to grant your permission. After that you will be redirected back to the app.

Step 2

Step 3(optional): Selecting the accounting company

In case you have several accounting platforms connected to your account in Synder, the app will give you the option to select accounting company you would like your Stripe transactions to go to. Otherwise you will not have this step.

Step 3

One Click Setup

After you selected the accounting company you would like to use for synchronization, the app will redirect you to the standard setup configuration option, which are used by 80% of our users. You can press on “I’m ok to start” and start syncing or select “Go step-by-step” to set up the app in the extended mode.

Step 3 one click

Step-by-step configuration

Step 4: Set up your Sales Settings

Now you can set up your Sales settings. Please select Stripe Bank Account* created by the app as a Bank account.

This will customize where your transactions are going to be stored in Xero. You will be able to also set some Default Settings here for changing the search of customer names priority, however all of the settings can be customized later.

Step 4

*Stripe Bank Account will be automatically created by the app in your Bank Account section, it will represent your Stripe in Xero accounting system. All the transactions that the app syncs can be found there. We do not recommend to use your actual checking account here, as fees will not be accounted for properly.

Step 5: Set up your Product Settings

Step 5 allows you to set up Product settings.

This will affect where the NEW products are created during the synchronization. All the existing products will be picked up correctly in case their names match on Stripe and Xero ends.

Additional Settings are optional, you can customize them later.

Step 5

Step 6: Set up your Fee settings

Step 6 allows you to set up your Fee settings.

Please choose the Supplier you prefer (most likely Stripe). Select the account to categorize your Stripe fees under Category field (for example Bank Service Charges).

TThis will customize where the fees are reflected in Xero.

Step 6

Step 7: Set up your General settings

Step 7 allows you to set Auto-sync feature, it will sync all further Stripe transactions automatically with no confirmation. In case you need to sync existing Stripe transactions use Import Old Transactions tab on the left hand side menu after the setup is finished.

Step 7

Step 8: Finish your set up

Step 8 allows you to finalize the set up by choosing to auto-sync all incoming payments from now on (Start to sync) or importing and subsequently manually syncing old transactions (Import old transactions).

Step 8

Congratulations! Your account is set and ready to import from Stripe and sync transactions to Xero.

Alexandra Kozyritskaya

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