Synder: Customize your Stripe Settings for Xero Integration

integrate Xero with Stripe

Synder: Customize your Stripe Settings for Xero Integration


You have connected your Stripe account to your Xero, and this guide will give you some more details upon settings that can be customized in the app to tailor it to your needs. To access Settings, click Gear Icon on the top right corner of the app.

Customize your Stripe Settings

General settings

Xero Integration - general settings

1 – You can enable synchronize automatically feature that can sync your new coming transactions automatically. If you want to sync your historic transactions, you can also do that with our app. Please, go to import old transactions (on the left), set the dates and click on import. Here you can read how to import historic transactions.


sales-settings in business payments

1 – Choose Bank account where you Stripe Sales will be recorded. This account will represent your Stripe, we highly recommend to use Stripe Bank Account, which is suggested by the app.
2 – You can prioritise your customer search by email, description, shipping address or payment method. Just organize them in the order you need. If there is no customer names in your transaction, the app will check first for the options you have at the top of the list to match the name form there.
3 – Apply default customer feature helps you to assign the customer to your transaction. You may choose the name of the default customer from drop-down menu (4) and all your transactions will be synced under the name of this default customer selected.

Products and Services tab

Customize your Stripe Settings

1 – Generic Product – enabling this feature will replace the name of the product from your transaction to selected in Generic Product name (2)
3 – The app may get the name of the product from the description of the transaction on Stripe side. Make sure you have only one product name in the description field.
4 – You need to set the account the new products will be associated with when they are automatically created by the app. All existing products will be matched with no issues (in case names are the same on Stripe and Xero sides).

Fees tab settings

fees settings in business payments

1 – Set the Bank account for your fees to be applied, please note that fees account and sales accounts should be the same. We recommend to use Stripe Bank Account for it.
2 – Fee line account, select the account your fees will be applied to.
3 – Supplier – the app will use this Xero Supplier to associate with your Stripe fees. Select available, or type in a custom one, like “Stripe”.

Do you have any questions? We would love to hear from you. Please, contact via online support chat.

Alexandra Kozyritskaya

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