How to connect QuickBooks Desktop company to Stripe

SYNDER: How to connect QuickBooks Desktop company

In this guide you will be able to learn how to connect your QuickBooks Desktop company to Synder app for integration with Stripe. Once you set the integration up the app will account for your Stripe transactions in QuickBooks Desktop.

The overall process contains three stages:
a) Log in to Synder;
b) Install web-connector to connect your QuickBooks Desktop company to the Synder app;
c) Connect your payment platform to the Synder app.

Follow the steps below for more details:

1. Log in to Synder, then Go to Add Accounting Company menu (1,2) and choose QuickBooks Desktop version (3).

add company to syncs Stripe with QuickBooks

2. Download Synder Desktop application (1), Generate Key (2) and Copy it to buffer (3).

stripe quickbooks desktop

3. Open the file “synder-setup.exe”.

quickbooks apps
connect QuickBooks desktop with Stripe
quickbooks stripe
integrate stripe with QuickBooks
QuickBooks Desktop Stripe
quickbooks desktop apps
quickbooks desktop integrations
stripe integration with quickbooks

4. Click “Connect” to connect your QuickBooks Company.

Integrate Stripe with QuickBooks

4.1. Mark corresponding options (1,2) to set up QuickBooks Certificate and click “Continue…” (3).

Stripe Integration with QuickBooks

4.2. Click “Done” to confirm.

Click “Done” to confirm

4.3. Paste the Key that you copied from the Synder website form, click “Activate”.

QuickBooks Desktop

5. Return to the Synder website and click “Next”.

Stripe QuickBooks Integration

5.1. Select your Payment platform and “Connect” it (use your payment platform credentials to do so).

link Stripe to QuickBooks

5.2. Select your Desktop Company and click “Next”.

QuickBooks Desktop Stripe

5.3. Apply defaults (1) or process the set up manually (2). You can read more about settings in this guide.

QuickBooks Desktop Integration

Congratulations you have set up the integration between Stripe and QuickBooks Desktop! Now feel free to check how it works on the free transactions that your account is credited with. In case of any questions contact our support team in the in-app chat, by phone or email in the footer of the page!

Alexandra Kozyritskaya

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