Synder subscription: how it works?

Synder subscription

Synder subscription: how it works?

This guide will describe everything you need to know about subscriptions in the Synder app so that there is nothing unexpected and everything goes smoothly as you make informed decisions.



  1. Trial period
  2. Subscription plans
  3. Pay-As-You-Go plan (US users only)
  4. Refund policy
  5. FAQ

Trial period

Every new user has free 10 syncs to test the app, a welcoming drink to a resort of automated bookkeeping, and no credit card or other payment information is required. Trial period for Synder has no time limits as long as you have free syncs on your account, you can test them on any payment platform or at all of them simultaneously.

Note: you will be shown your last 10 transactions from the payment platform automatically, however, if you want to use other transactions feel free to import transactions for any period using “Import Old Transactions” tab and handpick 10 of them for testing.

Note: Rollback will not reinstate the amount of syncs on your balance.

Subscription Plans

The subscriptions are based on the amount of transactions you have monthly. Each sales transaction and each payout on the payment processor side is considered to be one credit (sync) within the app.

There are 2 types of subscriptions: monthly and yearly based on the time of billing. On the monthly plan, you are billed at the beginning of each month, and you are given the volume of credits (syncs) per plan. The yearly plan charges you for the whole year but applies a 20% discount and the credits are applied from month to month. Make sure you switch the tab to choose the one you prefer.

Note: remaining syncs on the plan will not be transferred to the next month, they will expire once the billing period ends.

Monthly Plans Yearly Plans
Small Monthly
– 100 syncs per month
– Unlimited companies
– Unlimited payment platforms
– $ 19,99 billed monthly
Small Yearly
– 100 syncs per month
– Unlimited companies
– Unlimited payment platforms
– $191.88 billed annually ($15.99/mo)
Medium monthly
-1000 syncs per month
– Unlimited companies
– Unlimited payment platforms
– Additional syncs option*
– 2 additional users
– $ 39,99 billed monthly
Medium yearly
– 1000 syncs per month
– Unlimited companies
– Unlimited payment platforms
– Additional syncs option*
– 2 additional users
– $383.88 billed annually ($31.99/mo)
Reseller monthly
– 5000 syncs per month
– Unlimited companies
– Unlimited payment platforms
– Additional syncs option*
– 5 additional users
– $ 199,99 billed monthly
Reseller yearly
– 5000 syncs per month
– Unlimited companies
– Unlimited payment platforms
– Additional syncs option*
– 5 additional users
– $1919.88 billed annually ($159.99/mo)

* Additional syncs – this option allows you to buy syncs with no expiration date in addition to your plan, so they will remain on your account unless they are used. The app uses them only once you run out of your regular plan syncs. You can buy a minimal amount of 500 syncs.

Pay-As-You-Go plan (US users only)

Pay As You Go what it is all about?

First of all, it is available for US-based clients only. You link your credit card to the account and the system charges you a 0,5% fee per transaction amount (your refunds and rollbacks are free). Your payouts will be charged separately 1$ per each.
So if you synced 2 sales receipts for $100 in total and 1 payout, the system will charge you 5 cents + $1.

When will the system charge you?
You will be billed once a month or every time you have synced 100 transactions (depending on what happens first).

What will happen if you roll back your transactions before one month period or before hitting the number of 100 transactions?
Your to-be-paid balance will go down, as we don’t charge you for rollbacks. If you synced 99 transactions and rolled them all back, you amount to-be-paid will be $0. However, if the plan payment was processed the sum will not be reinstated by the rollback.

You can unsubscribe the app at any time. When you unsubscribe the app, the last bill you would get with the amount reflected in to be paid section.

pay as you go plan balance

Refund policy

As a trial period is available with full sync functionality and no credit card information is required, please note that all subscriptions and payments are final and non-refundable. With any additional questions please contact our support –


1. How can I change my payment method (payment card)?
You will need to unsubscribe the app for that, and when the billing period is over, subscribe to the plan with the new payment method (card).

2. Can I subscribe/unsubscribe at any time?
Yes, absolutely. Also note, your account will be active till the end of the billing period so you can still sync your data after you had canceled your subscription.

3. What if I subscribe to the plan, but want to upgrade/downgrade afterward?
You can upgrade/downgrade your plan at any time. We recommend doing this once you run out of syncs, as the new plan will override the remaining syncs of the previous one.

4. If I roll back all syncs, will the credits go back to my balance?
No, rollback will not reinstate the amount of credits (syncs) on the monthly/yearly plan.

5. Will remaining syncs be transferred to next month’s balance?
No, your syncs per plan won’t be transferred to the next month, they will expire at the end of the billing period. Only additionally purchased syncs have no expiration time and will remain available until they are used.

6. How can the subscription be transferred to another user?
The former user should disconnect any connected platforms so that they would become available for connection to the new user account. After disconnection please contact our support with the official request to transfer the subscription from user “email1” to “email2” to our mail, the rest will be done on our end.

7. What if I run out of syncs in the middle of the month?
The app will stop syncing and notify you via an email about the termination of sync. Once you have any syncs available the sync process will be resumed and you will be able to sync all the missed transactions.

8. What if my billing period ends and I am not subscribed to any plan?
No worries, the app will save all your settings and connections, however, the synchronization will be terminated and you will be notified via email about that. Once you subscribe you will be able to sync all the transactions backward.

9. How do I choose a plan?
You need to find out how many sales transactions and payouts you have monthly in your Stripe/PayPal/Square, and choose the plan that covers that amount. The app considers each transaction to be one sync (credit).

Remember: if you have any questions you can address them to us. We’ll be glad to help you!
Just leave us a message filling out our contact form or use the phone/email mentioned in the footer of every page.

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