CloudBusiness is a software development company that develops helpful cloud-based solutions for SMBs, Accountants, and Bookkeepers.
Our applications are integrated into the most popular accounting platforms such as QuickBooks, Zero, Sage, MYOB.

Passionate, Dedicated and Customer-Oriented


that takes care of all the dirty work in your accounting!


We are a team that is not afraid of hard work so that our customers can achieve their goals successfully. Specializing in business automation, we professionally eliminate all routine challenging tasks that cause headaches for our clients.


We are determined to help the businesses and people effectively manage the business online and offline. Once one of our customers said: “Pulled in 2 years of data, like Thanos got rid of half the Universe” – this is exactly the idea our marvelous team keeps in mind while designing new tools. Any task has to be done at the snap of a finger!



Our Vision: Business Automation apps for SMBs, Accountants, and Bookkeepers around the world.

Our Mission: Free up more time for high-value work in the fast-changing world by automation of the daily routine.


Pure fact: in 2016, we conducted research and we have realized that the majority of people still manage their Invoices, Purchases, Journal Entries, etc. in Excel, and then spend 3 hours daily on manually processing and entering the same transactions into accounting platforms like QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, and MYOB. We wanted to eliminate this double work! Our team came up with a solution to automate this process and to convert that time into fulfilling more important tasks, while data is imported automatically.


Scroll through time to see the evolution of our team


In 2012, we started our path as an IT-consulting and outsourcing company. We’re focused on three things: peopleautomation, and simplicity

February 2016

Launched Business Importer app – a solution to export and import transactions


Integrated Business Importer app with Sage and MYOB  platforms

August 2017 

Launched Business Payments app, allowing customers to sync their PayPal transactions with QuickBooks Online in seconds

 August 2018 

The first place winner of QuickBooks SmallBiz Hack 2018 was designed. A no-code tool with an intuitive interface to build automated workflows around financial data in QuickBooks – Flowless


 We have been working with many different types of businesses for three years. Once, we worked with the QuickBooks platform as a consultancy project for one of our clients. Thus, we noticed the power of QuickBooks marketplace, as well as the fact that the users do many routine tasks manually while it can be easily automated by smart apps. This inspired us to start building QuickBooks integrated applications. First, we found out the need in an export and import tool for transactions…


Integrated Business Importer app with Xero platform

February 2017

Created Donor Receipts – the app for non-profit organizations, that provides a fast and easy way to manage Donations in QuickBooks and send Donation Receipts to donors in a ready-for-use format in bulk

February 2018 

Business Payments Integration with Stripe

May 2019 

Business Payments Integration with Square

…and we are expecting more great changes in the future!

Intresting Facts About Our Team

  We are headquartered in Minsk, Belarus with a Legal office in the US. Our developer and customer support teams are located in Belarus – the “Silicon Valley” of Europe, which has become one of the largest and most recognized information technology outsourcing providers in Europe and reinvented itself as an innovation hub. Thus, by keeping up with technology, we create great, award-winning apps for people around the world!

One more interesting fact about our team:

  Two of our amazing devs are well known in the Intuit Developer Support Community. Konstantin Khisamov tops the Leaderboard as the top “Alphageek” with 6,749 points (at the time of writing). The next one on the list is also our developer – Andrew Shitsko with 6,228 points. In general, 4 our devs are on the Top 5 list in the Intuit Developer Support Community, which means we pay a lot of attention to details in development and actually know the infrastructure we work in.


  In 2017 we were marked by Intuit corporation and have been invited to QuickBooks office in California to join the devs council, limited group of 3rd party developers that are influencing the QuickBooks marketplace.  At SmallBizHack 2018 in London, our app Flowless won the 1st Grand Prize. The same year at Small Business App Showdown, Flowless became a Top 10 finalist. We are a regular participant of QuickBooks Connect exhibitions, as well as other important events for Accountants where we discuss new ideas and future development of our apps with our customers, CPAs, and other professionals in the accounting sphere.


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