Use Synder + Xero to Automate Online Transactions Data Entering

Automate bookkeeping by synchronizing your Stripe charges, invoice charges, and charge refunds with Xero. Synder do it within seconds, and transactions are ready for reconciliation in 1-click without any manual actions!



  • Xero Integration with your Stripe platform. After the connection, the app starts to receive all your ongoing or historic payments. Automatically sync it with Xero based on your custom configuration.


  • Never worry about an incorrect sync again! Our Rollback feature allows you to rollback any sync at any time!


  • You are in control. Auto-sync or manually sync mode. Your choice!

Xero Integration with Stripe

Follow our comprehensive step-by-step guide and sync your Stripe data with Xero in several clicks!


No need to manually process transactions – Start saving 10+ hours weekly with our automation tool!


Roll Back function prevents any possible damage to your books in Xero!


The app allows Accountants and SMBs skyrocket productivity and start saving money right away!


Automatically import ongoing transactions from Stripe into Xero or import old transactions from the payment system in bulk!

STEP 1: Your data is automatically pulled in from Stripe

By selecting the auto-sync mode in the app settings, your data will be imported in the background, while you can check results in Xero (STEP 3).

By selecting manual mode, you can see all your transactions in Synder (STEP 2), where you can choose what data should be synced.

import transactions from Stripe into Xero

STEP 2: Preview in Synder

You can see the synced status of all your transactions, as well as rollback it from the app side.

How to Integrate Xero with Stripe via Business Payments

STEP 3: Check Results in Xero

Congratulations! Your Stripe data is synced with Xero in a few minutes while you can spend your time on things that matter.

Sync your Stripe with Xero



  • Syncs ongoing Stripe transactions directly with Xero
  • Imports old transactions into Synder to subsequently sync them with Xero
  • Flexible configuration of your custom settings
  • Unlimited number of companies for FREE
  • Reports with sync details and logs
  • Premium Support with different means of communication (in-app chat, email, phone)

Smart Functions

  • Roll Back function that secures your actions and allows to undo any sync with 100% NO harm to your data
  • Auto-Sync function to automatically sync ongoing transactions on the background
  • Auto-Create function to automatically create Customers/Vendors/Products/Services based on the transaction data
  • Invoice function to automatically apply Online Payments to Invoices in Xero


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  • Get paid faster with online invoicing. Send online invoices to your customers – and get updated when they’re opened.
  • Reconcile in seconds. Xero imports and categorises your latest bank transactions. Just click ok to reconcile.

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Login into Synder app. A one-click setup is available (Picture 2). It will save your time on the manual setup process. Also, you can go step-by-step (Picture 3). If you are not sure about something, you can access and change any of those settings anytime. Once you have set up your Synder account, you will see Stripe transactions inside the app.

Sync Stripe with Xero easily
connect Xero to Stripe
Import Stripe into Xero

The checklist of how Synder connects Xero and Stripe:

  • The app connects your Stripe with Xero to syncs charges, invoice charges, and charge refunds;
  • The app syncs ongoing transactions automatically, while there is an option to sync data in manual mode. All historic Stripe transactions can be imported manually.

Check out a guide on how to connect Xero and Stripe via Synder.

Our message is simple: “Stop wasting your time on things that have to run automatically”.