Business Payments Easter Gift Event 2019!

Business Payments Easter Gift Event has been finished!

  We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest! We are grateful for your loyalty and the amount of positive reviews about Business Payments. Your reviews are the best driver and the source of motivation for us.
  Grand gift, a coupon for a family dinner in a local restaurant + 1000 Syncs, for the most memorable review is going to Andrew L., while every participant receives 500 Sync!
*The winner was personally contacted for further details.


Congratulations once again to everyone who has participated! We hope our little surprise has made your day even brighter!
Keep enjoying Business Payments and stay tuned for more exciting updates from CloudBusiness LLC!

How to Participate?

We at Business Payments decided to host an Easter Event for our users to share a feeling of how Business Payments helps you make the most of the bright Easter time, instead of doing bookkeeping manually.
We, from our side, prepared gifts for every participant and a Grand  Gift  for the most memorable review!
Everyone, who will leave a review of Business Payments between 23rd and 7th of May, will receive a guaranteed amount of syncs and the best review will win their authors a Family dinner in their local restaurant!

Have you published your review already on Intuit?

No problem! Leave another one on a Capterra platform and send us a screenshot confirmation to confirm your participation in our Easter Event!

How to Participate?

What should I do? 

To be a part of our Easter Event, follow the 3 easy steps:
  1.  Place your review of Business Payments on one of the offered platforms:
    Intuit Apps or;
  2. Take a screenshot. (How to take screenshots?)
  3. Send it to
Place review on
Place review on Intuit AppStore


  • Guaranteed 500 Syncs for every participant;

  • Family Dinner in your local restaurant+ 1000 Syncs for the most memorable review.

In the end of the event our team will choose a participant with the most inspiring comment to receive a coupon for a family Easter dinner + 1000 Syncs!
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