Business Payments: Gift Event 2018


     Business Payments has saved thousands of data-entry hours so far and an upcoming Square addition will make it even more versatile.

     Besides offering time-saver solutions, we at Business Payment love gift-giving at any time of the year.

     That is why we decided to host a Business Payments Spring Event 2018 to which you are cordially invited!


What’s in store for you?

Every new subscriber will have a chance to win a whooping 1x One Year Free Platinum Status and 1x $200 Amazon Gift Card.


By subscribing to any of our plans between April 19 and May 7, your first balance will be
doubled + you will receive a Guaranteed Surprise Gift.


Event conditions

1. Try the app here with your free syncs;

2. Subscribe to a preferable plan here;

You are in!



The app has developed rapidly in the last few weeks. Many functions requested by the customers have been added, other new features are currently underway.

Effective May 1 you will be able to save greatly by subscribing to our annual plans.

Monthly plans will be subject to updated pricing.

All existing subscriptions and everyone subscribing until May 1 can enjoy the current monthly rates.

Have you tried the app and have questions? Do you need help setting it up? Send us an email at or simply leave a message to get custom-tailored help from our team.
Don’t know if the app is for you? Join our weekly demo-sessions on Thursdays, where our Customer Success Specialist will demonstrate how to use the app in real time and help you get started.


It’s an exciting time for us and we would love for you to be a part of our community!