How to import Time Activities into QuickBooks Online

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Using Business Importer, you can easily and fast import Time Activities into QuickBooks Online.

How to import Time Activities into QuickBooks Online: 5 steps

To import Time Activities into QuickBooks Online (QBO), please, follow 5 simple steps:
1. Sign in to Business Importer and connect it to QuickBooks.
2. Go to Import tab. Upload your Excel file or paste the DropBox or Google.Drive link. Click on the Next button.

*Important Notes for your Time Activities spreadsheets:

Txn Date  – the date of working day.

To enter correctly, you can go in 2 ways:

Option 1:

Start time and End time – Please, provide Start time of employee’s work and End time of Employee’s work day-by-day. Use format: dd/mm/year HH:MM:SS. For example, 04/25/2016 11:55:00.

Break hours and Break minutes – Please, provide the length of the worker’s break, how many minutes and/or hours. For example, 40 minutes.

Time activity 2


Option 2:

You can fill other 2 fields: Hours and Minutes. For example, an employee worked 7 hours and 00 minutes on Monday. You should write:

Hours – Quantity of hours worked. Example, 7.

Minutes – Quantity of minutes worked. Example, 00.

Time activity 1

Product name – You can use our Products autocreation function. Read, how to create Products automatically during import into QuickBooks Online

3. Choose the list in your Excel, which contains Time activities you want to import into QuickBooks Online. Click on the Next button.
4. Select Company (you want to import to) and Entity (Time activities), and connect Provider’s labels to Your Labels. Press the Next button.

import time activities into QuickBooks Online

5. Review if the information is entered correctly and click on the Next button.

Your import is in process. Don’t wait until it’s done – you will be notified by e-mail.
See your Time Activities import result in your e-mail or in Scheduled import tab.

How-to Guide – How to import Time Activities into QuickBooks online

Here is a small How-to guide that will help you to prepare your Excel properly and create correct mapping:

QuickBooks Field Business Importer Name Description Example
EmployeeRef or VendorRef Employee/Vendor Specifies the Employee or Vendor whose time is being recorded. Emily Platt
CustomerRef Customer Reference to the customer or job. Please, provide only its name. Emily Platt
BillableStatus Billable status Billable status of the time recorded. Valid values: Billable, NotBillable, HasBeenBilled.
You cannot directly update the status to HasBeenBilled. To set the status to HasBeenBilled, create an invoice and attach the timeActivity object as a linkedTxn.
Taxable Taxable True if the time recorded is both billable and taxable. false
HourlyRate Hourly rate Hourly bill rate of the employee or vendor for this time activity. 15.3
Hours Hours Hours worked. Maximum of 8760 hours. 9
Minutes Minutes Minutes worked. Maximum of 59 minutes. 15
BreakHours Break hours Hours of break taken between start time and end time. Maximum of 8760 hours. 2
BreakMinutes Break minutes Minutes of break taken between start time and end time. Maximum of 59 minutes. 15
StartTime Start time Time that work started. Date depends on your account settings for example – 09/20/2015. We accept time in format: HH:MM:SS 09/20/2015 11:55:00
EndTime End time Time that work ended. Date depends on your account settings for example – 09/20/2015. We accept time in format: HH:MM:SS 09/20/2015 15:20:00
Description Description Description of work completed during time activity.
TxnDate Time Activity date The date entered by the user when this transaction occurred. 09/20/2015
ClassRef Class Reference to the Class associated with the transaction. 01
DepartmentRef Location Represents Department Reference associated with the TimeActivity line. Please, provide only its name. Marketing Department
ItemRef Product name Reference to an Item object. Please, provide only its name. Rock Fountain
TransactionLocationType TransactionLocationType For France only. The account location. Valid values include:WithinFrance(default) FranceOverseas OutsideFranceWithEU OutsideEU FranceOverseas


Check out the Time Activities import results

There are 5 types of import results.

 import Invoices into QuickBooks Online

Errors in the Time Activities import

The most common errors and the ways to solve them.
There are 4 the most common errors made by our clients when they import Time Activities into QuickBooks online. To prevent this happening, we have reviewed all of them and given solutions below.

Problem Error occurs Solution Correct example
Wrong date format is used. WARNING Error parsing date 01-14-2015: Expected format currently MM/dd/yyyy, but you can change it on your profile page. Change date format to MM/dd/yyyy. 01/14/2015
You can specify StartTime & EndTime or time in Hours and minutes. But not both of them! Please, fix following errors before import: You can specify StartTime & EndTime or time in Hours and minutes. But not both of them! Please, fill out Start Time and End Time columns or Hours and Minutes columns only. Hours: 8


Wrong Time Activity. ERROR TimeActivity for null:  The time duration is not in the valid range . Please, provide Start Time and End Time or Hours and Minutes in valid formats.

Start Time and End Time: dd/mm/yyy hh:mm:ss

Hours: hh

Minutes: mm

09/20/2015 15:20:00


Invalid Billable status. ERROR TimeActivity for null: Property Name:Can not construct instance of specified is unsupported or invalid. The billable status of the expense. Valid values: Billable, NotBillable, HasBeenBilled  



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