How to import Bill Payments to QuickBooks Online, using Business Importer


Using Business Importer, you can easily and fast import Bill Payments to QuickBooks Online.

How to import Bill Payments to QuickBooks Online: 5 steps

To import Bill Payments into QuickBooks Online, please, follow 5 simple steps:
1. Sign in to Business Importer and connect it to QuickBooks.
2. Go to Import tab. Upload your Excel file or paste the DropBox or Google.Drive link. Click on the Next button.

*Important Notes for your Bill Payments spreadsheets:

Vendor – the name of the Vendor, with whom the Bill Payment is associated.

Txn type – Bill, JournalEntry, VendorCredit.

Txn ID – the DocNumber of the type of Transaction (Txn type). Use the Document number or Transaction ID*, related to the Vendor.

*Transaction ID – an unique number for each Document or Transaction. You can check Transaction ID in the link of each document. Open a Bill in QuickBooks Online account and check the link in your browser.  

Example: Transaction ID is 233.

Payment method – choose Check or Credit Card.

Check Payment: Bank Account – an account name or name of the bank.

CreditCard Payment: CC Account – an account name or name of the bank. Refers to credit card account.

 BillPayment number – your document number (in case of multilined Bill Payments, assign the same Bill Payment number to each line).

if Txn type is Bill – 

Total amount = Amount (Bill 1) + Amount (Bill 2)

if Txn type is JournalEntry orVendorCredit –

Total amount = Amount (Bill) – Amount  (Journal Entry or VendorCredit)

import Bill Payments into QuickBooks Online

import Bill Payments into QuickBooks Online

3. Choose the list in your Excel, which contains Bill Payments you want to import into QuickBooks Online. Click on the Next button.
4. Select Company (you want to import to) and Entity (Bill Payment), and connect Provider’s labels to Your Labels. Press the Next button.

import Bill Payments into QuickBooks Online

5. Review if the information is entered correctly and click on the Next button.

Your import is in process. Don’t wait until it’s done – you will be notified by e-mail.
See your Bill Payments import result in your e-mail or in Scheduled import tab. Or check it out at your QuickBooks Online account.

 import Bill Payments to QuickBooks Online

How-to Guide – How to import Bill Payments to QuickBooks online

Here is a small How-to guide that will help you to prepare your Excel properly and create correct mapping:

QuickBooks Field Business Importer Name Description Example
DocNumber BillPayment number Reference number for the transaction. PAY-001
TxnDate BillPayment date The date entered by the user when this transaction occurred. Default date format is dd-MM-yyyy. You can change it on Settings page. 09/20/2015
VendorRef Vendor Name of the vendor for this transaction. Please, provide only its name. Cool Cars
PrivateNote Private note User entered, organization-private note about the transaction.
TotalAmt Total amount Indicates the total amount of the transaction. This includes the total of all the charges, allowances, and taxes. 1342.50
APAccountRef AP Account Reference to the accounts receivable account associated with the transaction. Please, provide only its name or number.
Line.Amount Amount The amount of the line item. 1352.50
Line.TxnId Txn ID Transaction Id of the related transaction 59
Line.TxnType Txn Type Transaction type. Valid values are Bill, JournalEntry, VendorCredit. Bill
PayType Payment type The payment type. Valid values include: Check, CreditCard Check
CheckPayment Check Payment: Bank Account Name of the bank account or it’s number. BI Bank
Check Payment: Print status Printing status of the invoice.Valid values: NotSet, NeedToPrint, PrintComplete. NeedToPrint
CreditCardPayment.CCAccountRef CreditCard Payment: CC Account Reference to the credit card account. Account name or account number Savings Card
ProcessBillPayment Process BillPayment Indicates that the payment should be processed by merchant account service. Valid for QuickBooks Online companies with credit card processing. false
DepartmentRef Location Location of the transaction, as defined using location tracking in QuickBooks Online. Please, provide only its name. Marketing Department
CurrencyRef Currency Values: USD, AUD, EUR, CAD, etc. EUR
ExchangeRate Exchange Rate Specify it in case Transfer is done not in your home currency. Decimal like 1.23 1.7
TransactionLocationType Txn location For France only. Location of the transaction, as defined using location tracking in QuickBooks Online. FranceOverseas

Check out the Bill Payments import results

There are 5 types of import results.

 import Invoices into QuickBooks Online

Errors in the Bill Payments import

The most common errors and the ways to solve them.
There are 5 the most common errors made by our clients when they import Bill Payments into QuickBooks online. To prevent this happening, we have reviewed all of them and given solutions below.


Problem Error occurs Solution Correct example
Wrong date format is used. WARNING Error parsing date 01-14-2015: Expected format currently MM/dd/yyyy, but you can change it on your profile page. Change date format to MM/dd/yyyy. 01/14/2015
Wrong transaction ID for the Payment ERROR BillPayment : Bill with DocNumber = “2” is not found in your QuickBooks Online account (Company first). Please, provide an existing document number for the Bill Payment, depending on the Vendor name indicated (for Bill – Bill number, etc.) 243
Wrong Total amount  ERROR Bill Payment to Janice Johnson: Business Validation Error: The Amount Paid (plus credits) can’t be less than the selected charges. if Txn type is Bill –

Total amount = Amount (Bill 1) + Amount (Bill 2)




Wrong Total amount  ERROR Bill Payment to Janice Johnson: Business Validation Error: The Amount Paid (plus credits) can’t be less than the selected charges. if Txn type is Journal Entry or VendorCredit –

Total amount = Amount (Bill) – Amount (Journal Entry or VendorCredit)


Invalid Txn ID ERROR BillPayment : TxnID Cannot Be Linked 49. There is no such Transaction with indicated ID associated with the Vendor name. 234
Invalid Currency code ERROR Bill Payment 20: Invalid or Unsupported currency type supplied. Supplied value:US. Specify Currency code (CurrencyRef) . Choose letters according to ISO 4217. For example, USD, EUR, CAD, GBP. USD

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