How to migrate company’s profiles in QuickBooks Online: export and import Accounts


To export and import Accounts in your QuickBooks Online company profiles, follow simple steps:

Step 1. Go to your old QuickBooks Online company profile and connect it to Business Importer.

Step 2. In Business Importer go to ExportSelect Entities. Choose the Company and Entity (in this case, Account).

export accounts

Step 3. When the list of all your accounts appears on the screen, click on the button Export allExport to Excel. And confirm the action.

You will receive the Excel file (CSV)  to your e-mail or you can download it at Export – Results.

Step 4. Go to your New company’s profile in QuickBooks Online and connect it to Business Importer.

integrate new

Step 5. Go to Import and Start new Import:


1.  Upload your File with accounts (that one you exported at Step 3)

2. Create mapping.


3. Start import and check the results.

import result


Your accounts migration is ready. Check if all accounts are migrated correctly to your new QuickBooks Online company’s profile.

QBO import result


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