Import transactions into Xero: Business Importer VS Xero import

Business Importer Xero

using Business Importer. What the benefits of using Business Importer (instead of the import feature in Xero) are, read in our article.

Import data to Xero with Business Importer: what you should know

You can import transactions in CSV file into Xero, using the original feature of import in Xero. But the frequent users complain about having issues during the import, such as:

  • Impossibility to import Excel file;
  • Limited number of transactions to import (up to 1,000);
  • The necessity to use the template provided by Xero;
  • Column max. length: 255;
  • The lack of import log (when import fails, it’s very difficult to understand the reason);
  • If there is a mistake in one transaction, the whole your list with transactions won’t be imported;
  • Complicated Invoices and Bills’ import. Invoices and Bills imported through Xero feature get the only status – Draft, and the user needs to confirm the status manually after import.

Why accountants use Business Importer to import transactions into Xero:

  • Import Excel file into Xero;
  • No limits on number of transactions in your file (import more than 1,000 transactions at once);
  • No limits on column length;
  • It’s possible to import Payments and other entities (which you can’t import using Xero feature);
  • Use your own file/template to import transactions to Xero. Save your Mapping. Use Custom and Reusable import;
  • Use the preferable date format in your file (in Xero you can use the only format stated in the template);
  • If there is a mistake in one transaction, the others from your list will be imported;
  • Receive the detailed import results in Business Importer or by your e-mail;
  • Easy import of Invoices and Bills into Xero, you can set up the Status (Draft or Authorized) in your file you’re going to import to Xero. No need to confirm it in Xero afterwards.


Import transactions into Xero using Business Importer.


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Import transactions into Xero


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