Donor Receipts: Send Donation Receipts to Donors via E-mail

Donation Receipts - Generate with Donor Receipts

Create using the Donor Receipts app, and send generated Donation Receipts directely to your Donors’ e-mails!

To send Donation Receipts directly to your Donors, using (QBO integrated), please, follow simple steps:


  1. Generate Donation Receipts.

Please, remember, you can generate Donation Receipts from Invoices (even unpaid ones), Credit Memos, Deposits,  Payments, Journal Entries. and Sales Receipts which are created in QuickBooks Online.

Note: Turn including Journal Entries, Unpaid Invoices and Use Transaction Address For DonorsOn” at Settings.

settings - Donation Receipts in QuickBooks Online

How to Generate Donation Receipts: 

a) To Generate Donation Receipts, go to the Create Receipts tab. Select Company, Start and End date, Accounts. And click on the Receive transactions button.

Donation Receipts in QuickBooks Online

Once you see the transactions list, create Donation Receipts, clicking on the Create button.


2. Select Donation Receipts you are going to send to your Donors by E-mail.

Donation Receipts in QuickBooks Online

3. If some of your Donors don’t have their e-mails, you can enter their e-mails manually at Donor Receipts. Enter your Donors’ e-mails in the window appeared on the screen. Click on the Save button.

Donation Receipts in QuickBooks Online



4. Click on the Send button. Your Donors will receive e-mails containing their Donation Receipts.

Donation Receipts in QuickBooks Online

Note: if you have invalid e-mail addresses of Donors, you will get an e-mail notification about delivery failure.





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