Send Invoice Due Date Reminders in QuickBooks Online

due date reminders

Send Invoice Due Date Reminders in QuickBooks Online

In today’s use-case blog spot we are going to look at one of the most popular Flowless use cases so far: automated invoice due date reminders. Flowless gives you an opportunity to create many rules based on which different reminders can be set.

The flow explains how to build a n automatic floe to send due date reminders

We chose to send the reminders when it’s 3 days late. The second condition is whether the shipping company for that order is Fedex or another one. If it’s Fedex, the reminder we are going to send out will inform the customer that we cannot process the shipment without the invoice payment:

Set up your massage in Flowless

In case the shipment is processed via a different provider, the customer will get a standard reminder:

Email send by Flowless

Build your own flows and never miss an important payment again.
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Alexandra Kozyritskaya

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