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Business Payments

For small and medium sized businesses taking and keeping track of payments from clients can be challenging, or costly, or both. Solutions available until now have tended to be expensive and catering for the larger business. The problem of  taking payments has led to cash flow problems for some organizations. This is worrying, as research has shown that 90% of small businesses fail due to cash flow issues. Receive payments in QuickBooks was difficult, untill now. However, there is a recently developed solution from REID Consulting called Business Checkout that is set to change all of that.

Business Checkout is an intuitive and straightforward app for small and medium sized businesses, allowing payments to be taken. The app provides the opportunity for SMBs to receive payments in QuickBooks from their clients using any credit card. Users can bulk invoice and take payments on behalf of their customers, simplifying the payment process. The app works with Intuit QuickBooks, and would-be users need to enable Intuit QuickBooks payments by subscribing for a free account.

Receive payments in QuickBooks just in several seconds

Following this it is possible for the user to create a nice looking form that allows payments to be made by clients. The form can be published on the SMB’s website. Alternatively, it is easy to send the URL to customers for payment through any communication method, such as email, Skype or SMS. Default amounts can be set for payments, and the form can include the billing address or not, depending on the user needs. One of the best aspects of this product is that all transactions automatically appear in the user’s QuickBooks account through having processed them in this way. This keeps all transactions logged together conveniently in the same system that is used for reporting, saving time and effort of trying to reconcile what has gone on in QuickBooks manually.

Receive payments in QuickBooks easy solution

receive payments in quickbooks with Business Chekout

Business Checkout provides a simple solution to a traditionally challenging issue for SMBs – to receive payments QuickBooks. It allows small companies to receive payments in QuickBooks and to manage all of the regular types of transactions that might be expected of a business, including providing refunds. These can be offered either in part, or full, offering good flexibility to meet company needs. The system also stores credit card details of clients for use by the business in future. This enables the possibility of making sure that payments are made in a timely manner, by allowing users to process credit card transactions to pay for outstanding invoices if need be. All of this helps to steer small and medium sized businesses away from cash flow problems that could otherwise be catastrophic.

The Business Checkout solution has been received well by its users to date. It has been rated with five stars on the Intuit QuickBooks app center and it is considered to be easy to use, offering the features that small businesses need. Right now the solution is being offered for free, though organizations using the solution should be aware that Intuit QuickBooks fees per payment transaction are still applied.

Business Checkout is available here –

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