Import Transactions into QuickBooks Online: How to Generate Document Numbers

Document Numbers

You can using your own or generating QuickBooks only. Read how to do this using the Business Importer app.

Settings in Business Importer: setting bi

  • if you turn on Apply Reference number from import file to transaction, your imported documents will have Document Numbers taken from your Excel file.
  • if you turn on Generate automatically DocNumber, your imported documents will have Document Numbers automatically assigned according to consequence.

Settings in QuickBooks Online:

  • turn off Generate automatically DocNumber and Apply Reference number from import file to transaction in Business Importer

Go to Settings – Company’s settings – Custom transaction numbers in QuickBooks Online:


  • If you turn on Custom transaction numbers, your imported transactions will not have Document numbers in QuickBooks Online;
  • If you turn off Custom transaction numbers, QuickBooks Online will automatically generate document numbers to your imported transactions.


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