Manage Uncategorized Expenses in QuickBooks Online With Flowless


Manage Uncategorized Expenses in With

Uncategorized expenses can mean a lot of extra workload for accountants. Luckily, Flowless has a custom template designed to automatically categorize transactions based on the key words in the transaction’s description.

Step 1

Simply browse Flowless Templates collection – Transactions

Step 2

You will have a ready template that you can edit to fit into the categories you work with. Simply click on given conditions to enter yours instead.

For example, if you are working with an expense category “Meals & Entertainment”, and you know that suitable descriptions in uncategorized transactions would include words “restaurant”, “meal” or “lunch”, you can write these words in, therefore automating the process.

Each time an uncategorized expense is recorded containing one of these key words, it will be attributed to the “Meals & Entertainment” category that you can choose while editing.

Step 3 

Watch our video guide to edit or build your own flow dedicated to uncategorized expenses.

By enabling this template, you will save hours of manual review of uncategorized expenses

by automatically applying categories based on predefined rules.

Do not do the job – supervise it with Flowless!


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