Business Importer Desktop: Linking Bill Payment to Bill


Linking Bill Payment to Bill


Make sure you set up the import file correctly:
  • It should have the same Bill Payments Ref/Doc number for each line you would like to join to one transaction during the import;
  • It should have “Line: Bill number” column filled with numbers of existing Unpaid Bills from your QuickBooks.


Follow these simple steps to import your Bill Payments file to

Step 1:

Select your import file, sheet in case you have several of them in your file and Bill Payment import entity.

Step 2:


Map (connect) QuickBooks fields with the headings of the columns from your import file.
Note: Red fields are required. You can also save the mapping to use it for all subsequent imports, if needed, clicking “Save Import Mapping” button.
Note: If you create check payment make sure you use value “Check” in the Payment Method field and you use field Bank Account to specify your bank account. In case you create Credit Card payment make sure you use value “CreditCard” in the Payment Method field and use Credit Card Account field for your bank account.

Step 3:

Preview your file clicking Next to make sure you mapped all the fields needed and then click Start Import to initiate the import.
Congratulations! You have imported your Bill Payments to QuickBooks and linked them to existing Bills.
Import Results
Possible variants of results in the app
Results of the import in your QuickBooks
Bill Payment
Most common errors during Bill Payment import:
Problem Error Solution Correct example
The specified number of linked transaction cannot be found in the quickbooks company Transaction with RefNumber = ” CH 1111″ is not found in your QuickBooks company. Check whether you wrote the number of linked transaction correctly, specify number that exists in your QuickBooks company. Bill-001
Name of the currency was mapped to the Exchange rate field. ExchangeRate with name ‘USD’ not found in your company. Map the name of currency to the Currency field, specify exchange rate and map it to the Exchange Rate field. USD
Payment Method was not specified during the import Required field PaymentMethod is NULL Specify the payment method as Check or CreditCard in the field Payment Method on the mapping step Check
The account with the specified name cannot be found in your QuickBooks company. Account with name ‘ Checking ‘ not found in your company. Check the name of the account specified, it should be identical to the one you have in your QuickBooks company, no extra spaces allowed. Checking
In one of the lines the value expected is missing. Cannot get property ‘log’ on null object Please, check the amount in the import file, and also required fields, they must be not only mapped but filled in with values. 20
Bill Payment mapping fields:
Business Importer Name Description Example
Bill Payment Number The reference number of the  payment transaction BP-001
Line: Linked Bill Number The number of the Bill, the payment is associated with. Bill-001
Payee Name Refers to a payee who is a customer, vendor, employee, or person on the “other names” list. Janice Johnson
Payment Method The method the payment was made by. Use Check or CreditCard values. Check
A/P Account Refers to an accounts payable account in the QuickBooks file. (The AccountType of this account will be AccountsPayable.) AccountsPayable
Bank Account The name of bank account the payment is applied to. Checking
Credit Card Account Refers to the credit card account to which this payment is being charged Credit Card Account
Currency Name of the currency of transaction. USD
Exchange Rate The exchange rate is the market price for which this currency can be exchanged for the currency used by the QuickBooks company file as the “home” currency. 1.23
Line: Discount Account Refers to the account where this discount is tracked. Checking
Line: Discount Amount Reduces the receivable amount 5
Line: Discount Class Name The name of Discount class Clothing
Line: Payment Amount Represents the amount assigned to a particular receivable. The sum of all PaymentAmount elements in any given receive payment transaction must not be greater than TotalAmount. 20
Memo Additional information That is a bill payment entity for import.
To be printed Select ‘true’ or ‘false’ value for that field. true
Transaction Date The date of the transaction. 05.05.2018
Update Bill Payment Check If you are updating the payment use ‘true’ value if this field, otherwise use ‘false’ value of leave the field unmapped. false
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