Business Importer Desktop: Linking Received Payment to Invoice


Linking Received Payment to Invoice


  • Link using the invoice number
  • Automatic link to open invoice
Make sure you set up the import file correctly:
  • It should have the same Payment Ref/Doc numbers in “Receive Payment number” column for each line you would like to join during the import.
  • “Line: Invoice Number” column filled with Open Invoice numbers from your QuickBooks.


Link using the invoice number

Step 1:

Select your import file and sheet in case you have several, and set ReceivePayment transaction type for import.

Step 2:


Map (connect) QuickBooks fields with the headings of the columns from your import file.
Note: Red fields are required. You can also save the mapping for all subsequent imports, if needed, clicking Save Import Mapping button.

Step 3:

Preview your file clicking Next to make sure you mapped all fields needed and then click Start Import to initiate the import.
Congratulations! You have imported Invoice Payment to QuickBooks and applied it to the existing invoice.
Import Results
Possible variants of results in the app
Results of the import in your QuickBooks
Received Payment
Automatic link to open invoice


In case you import payment with no invoice number to find the linked invoice, the app will locate all open invoices for a particular customer and apply a payment to open invoices chronologically.

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