Take Advantage of Business Importer for QuickBooks Desktop


Take Advantage of Business Importer for QuickBooks Desktop


Business Importer Desktop is designed for import, update and export of information from and to QuickBooks desktop, and here are some time-saving tips on the app for you.


1.Make sure it works for your flow. We have fully functional 14 days free trial of the app with only one 50 lines per file limitation, so you can test each and every feature and see whether it gets job done for you, also you will have a chance to make sure it is compatible with you server environment, if you have it. Simply download the trial here and test it out.


2.Use template or your own file. We provide a template with the app, that will be mapped by default, so you are just to insert values and good to go for import. However you can use your own file and map it according to your needs, for your convenience the app can save mapping, so that you map the file only once and then use created mapping.


3.No import limits. Our app has no limit of how many lines you would like to import, so even if several years of transactions are to be imported, it will be done as easily as import of one transaction.


4.Multiple line transactions import. We absolutely support that, to join several lines to one transaction, please specify the same reference numbers for all the lines you would like to be joined.


5.Export information. With our tool you can not only import and revert information, but also export data from QuickBooks to excel.


6.Update data. With our app you can update information existing in your QuickBooks, if needed export data, then edit in excel and the import will update records in QuickBooks.


7.Linked transaction import. With our app you will be able to link Invoice to Sales/Purchase Order or invoice Payment, link Bill to bill Payment, or link Item Receipt to Purchase Order and so on.


8.Automate the process. We have scheduled import feature, so you can just set the app to import file (or all files) from the particular folder on your computer and there is no need to do anything manually.


9.Easily test and undo imports. We have a Revert feature, that will allow you not to worry that something you’ve  imported will damage your books as you can easily revert the import and all transactions imported will be deleted from your QuickBooks.


10.Auto create entities. It is not obligatory to have  in your QuickBooks all the accounts, products, customers or vendors you use in transactions. The app is able to create objects in your QuickBooks during transaction import and then assign transaction to the object created.


11.Custom fields supported. If you use custom fields in QuickBooks, no worries, our app can be configured to support custom fields and you will be able to use them in the transactions like any other field.


12.Skip duplicates. If you worry about duplicated transactions entry with our app, we have setting to prevail that, as long as the transaction numbers will be the same our app will skip duplicates and import all other transaction successfully.


13.Keep your QuickBooks document numbers sequence. You can configure our app to either take transaction numbers from the import file, generation of its own numbers or keeping your QuickBooks numerate transactions imported.


We hope that helps to save your time! Let us know in the comments whether you have additional questions, we would be glad to provide any information needed.


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