How to export Data from QuickBooks Online

export data from QuickBooks

How to Export Data from QuickBooks Online

Read this guide and you will be able to export transactions from QuickBooksⓇ Online using Business Importer.


  1. How to export Transactions from QuickBooks Online (using the example of Invoices)
  2. Useful tips on export of your Transactions using Business Importer

How to export data from QuickBooks Online
(using the example of Invoices)

Export feature can be useful for various QuickBooks Transactions and Lists. You can use export for various QuickBooks Transactions. Once you have them in the sheets you will be able to import the data to another QuickBooks company if needed.

Process of export as shown below is using the example of Invoices.

Step 1. Launch Business Importer app. Press Export from tab (1) and begin Start Export sequence (2). Complete with choosing the Company (3) and the Entity (4) you want to export (Invoices as shown in current example).

Launch Excel Import for QuickBooks

Step 2. In the next page put checkmarks (1) onto objects you want to export, press Export selected (2) button, then select format (3) or press Select all button if you wish to export the whole list of transactions.

export data from QuickBooks

You can also use an Apply filter button(4) by clicking the respective option above the table. Use a list in the upper right corner to choose how many transactions you want to see on the Export screen (5).

Useful tips on export of your Transactions with Business Importer

1. IIF (Intuit Interchange Format) – is a special QuickBooks format. So, if you will export file in this format, you can import this IIF file directly into QuickBooks Desktop version.

import this IIF file into QuickBooks Desktop

2. See our useful guide on how to export Lists from QuickBooks Online.

3. You can delete transactions from QuickBooks using our Business Importer app.

4. The app will export not only information about transactions, but also the references to linked transactions. So if you would need to migrate or transfer the data to another QuickBooks company you will have it all linked automatically there.

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