15 things you didn’t even know about Business Importer: Import transactions into QuickBooks Online fast

import transactions into QuickBooks Online

Here are some features of Business Importer you should know about, and use them wisely during your transactions import into QuickBooks Online, using Business Importer. Save your time with Business Importer. 

1. Invite an additional user to Business Importer. You can invite other persons to your account in Business Importer. Read how to invite an additional user in this article;

2. Receive e-mail notifications once the import is done. You will receive the notifications with result automatically. Check your e-mail!

3. Schedule your future imports into QuickBooks Online using Business Importer;

4. Cancel your Import of transactions into QuickBooks Online;

5. Use Mapping Helper to map your columns fast. More about Mapping Helper.

6. Delete transactions using Business Importer.

7. Export transactions from QuickBooks Online
You can export any transaction in QuickBooks Online using Business Importer. Export goods and services, employees, invoices, bills, expenses, etc. And receive an Excel or IIF file.

8. Attach documents to your transactions.

There are at least 4 ways you can attach documents to your transactions in QuickBooks Online, using Business Importer: import attachments separately to your QuickBooks Online account, add attachments to the documents which already exist in QuickBooks Online, import new documents together with new attachment into QuickBooks Online; add attachments that have been already uploaded to QuickBooks Online to new transactions during new import into QuickBooks Online using Business Importer.

9. Auto-create goods and services during transactions import into QuickBooks Online and Auto-create document number during transactions import into QuickBooks Online;

10. Update Customers, Vendors and Employees partially using Business Importer;

11. Find Customers for Credit Memo, Estimate, Invoices, Payments, Refund Receipt and Sales Receipt by Resale Number and Find Vendors for Bills, Bill Payments, Vendor Credit and Purchase Orders by Tax ID or Account Number;
12. Import transactions in Google Drive link to QuickBooks Online using Business Importer;
13. Use Custom Fields in Transactions import into QuickBooks Online. Read more about this feature;
14. Create Accounts Automatically in QuickBooks Online during import using Business Importer. Read how to do this on the example of Bills import into QuickBooks Online;
15. Import PayPal transactions fast and easy into QuickBooks Online using Business Importer;


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